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Frequently Asked Questions about A.A.

Is A.A. a religious organization?

No. Nor is it allied with any religious organization.

What advice do you give new members?

  • Stay away from the first drink.
  • Attend A.A. meetings regularly.
  • Seek out the people in A.A. who have successfully stayed sober for some time.
  • Try to put into practice the A.A. program of recovery.
  • Obtain and study the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

What happens if I meet people I know?

They will be there for the same reason you are there. Our Traditions tell us not to disclose our identities to outsiders. You retain as much anonymity as you wish. That is one of the reasons we call ourselves Alcoholics Anonymous.

How do I find a meeting?

Can I bring my family to an A.A. meeting?

Family members or close friends are welcome at Open A.A. meetings. Call Central Office to find out.

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