Our Office

We’re located at

12734 Kenwood Lane, Ft Myers, Fl. Suite 72, 33907

How Our Central Office Serves You

Newsletter – 

The Central Office publishes a monthly newsletter, the Intergroup Express. It contains group contributions, any upcoming group and  district events, anniversaries, and news from District 7, Area 15, and G.S.O. It’s a good source of communication between members and groups in the Lee County area. Find the Newsletter here. Want to add something to the newsletter? Click here

Archives – 

Intergroup has an archive room/committee meeting room, where we store much of A.A. history in the area — early editions of literature, newsletters, meeting lists, etc. We also have a lending library of speaker tapes that continuously grows as we continue to convert old cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes to digital and CD.

Literature – 

We keep a complete stock of A.A. Conference approved literature and media for purchase by groups, individuals, and other organizations. You can also find  medallions and a selection of non-A.A. books and merchandise.

Website –

The Central Office publishes this website, where anyone can find out meeting information, Clubhouse locations, upcoming events, answers to questions about alcoholism and A.A. and news and links from District 7, Area 15, and G.S.O. Questions or comments? e-mail: Leeintergroup@gmail.com, or  Click here for our comments page.

Public Information – 

The Intergroup Office often serves as the first point of contact in Lee County for doctors, professional organizations, the court system, employers, concerned friends and relatives, and many others who come in contact with alcoholism. We provide information & literature, connect A.A. service committees with the public, and act as a liaison with the local media.

Meeting Guide – 

A free mobile app that lets you know the next and nearest A.A. meetings to your location (also searchable by day, time, type and location) — usable here in Lee county and in many places across the country. Download the meeting guide app!

Where and When –

The Central Office also publishes & prints a meeting directory, the Where & When, updated often. The W&W is issued to local meeting rooms, hospitals, and to anyone needing meeting information at their fingertips. It contains meeting times & dates, and addresses and phone numbers of where A.A. can be found. Want to add a meeting to the Where and When? Click Here

12-Step – 

The Office maintains a current list of A.A.’s who are willing to make 12-step calls. When our phone volunteer receives a call for help, he contacts someone on our list as close to the caller’s location as possible, to make that 12-step call. Are you an AA member and want to add your name to the 12th step call list? Click Here

Volunteers – 

Our Central Office is normally staffed Monday through  Friday from 10:00 — 5:00  with committed volunteer sober A.A. members, who answer phones and run the cash register. Each one is given an orientation, and provides information and connections to other sober members for the alcoholic in need of help. After hours, an answering service takes over, provided with a copy of our 12-step call list, so our phone line is answered by a live voice willing to connect them 24/7, 365.

Intergroup Committee – 

Normally meets monthly at the Covenant Presbyterian Church, the third Thursday of each month upstairs to connect the groups with the office, and with one another.  This meeting consists of :

Intergroup Representatives—A.A. home group members elected to attend the meeting, and carry information back and forth.

Intergroup Steering Committee — 7 members on a rotating volunteer committee, elected to insure the Central Office runs smoothly, and serves the fellowship well.

District Officers and Liaison—those involved with service at the district level reporting to Intergroup, to keep the Central Office informed.